Why trying to manage security risks by yourself is a mistake

January 2023

Looking ahead at what security will be in 2023

November 2022

A private space for us to converse and connect
Why considering people celebrities is a bad idea

October 2022

Why focusing on trust & safety can lead to organic risk management

September 2022

Understanding that changes are living organisms within an organization

August 2022

At every security or technology conference, we get to witness the vast collection of security companies who are begging for your time and attention…
Before I begin, I want to start with the caveat that my entire security leadership experience has been for technology companies (whether consumer…

May 2020

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November 2019

Unicorn Project: My Personal Review — A must read! I am honored and humbled to be asked to review Gene Kim’s latest book: The Unicorn Project. A bit of…

September 2019

I have been fortunate enough to have been building and running the Information Security Program at Hulu for almost three years and I felt… Continue…

January 2019

I have seen many posts and threads about how to get started in information security / cybersecurity and recently I have been asked by a few individuals…